Dan and Jason were on there computers texting. Jason typed in "hi". Dan said hi to Jason too. Jason typed in another message saying "what's ya doin". Dan said why Jason's messaging him and Jason typed in that someone is watching him. Dan looks around and says that no one is here. Jason typed in that there is and Dan said where is the guy and Jason typed in that he's somewhere in the kitchen followed by a sneaky epic face. Dan says that he's crazy. But then, Jason typed in that he'll be back. Dan sighs and then an epic face showed up on his laptop. Dan looked at Jason, but he gasped. There was The mustache guy, wearing a sombrero. Dan looked on his laptop, and spotted more epic faces. He looks back, and saw that The mustache guy was next to him. Jason typed that he's back, and The mustache guy was nowhere to be seen. Dan said that he's right that there is someone in the kitchen. Jason types in another message and Dan says to not do that. Jason says what he's doing, and Dan says thank you and says where is The mustache guy. Jason doesn't know what he's talking about, so Dan says that he's a little guy with a mustache that keeps smiling at him. Dan noticed that's not what he saw, and Jason saidthat he was talking about Dan and said that he thought that he was crazy. Then he went off, leaving Dan with a frustrated face and "huh" was the last few words for the video.