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Dr. Inconsiderate is the main antagonist of Testificate Man: The Movie.


He has the same appearance as a librarian and cartographer villager. However, in his youth, he had a stereotypical farmer outfit.


As the name implies, he is inconsiderate as he is shown bumping into people with his "Evil" segway. But in the latter bit of Testificate man: the movie. He is sensitive to inconsideration when Testificate man ran off from his lair after he requested the battle to be longer. But in his youth, he is social and kind and has 3 friends with him. But the encounter with young Testificate man possibly changed him due to saying he is slightly less than average.

Trivia Edit

He is the one of the Villagers to (Possibly) be intelligent, unlike all the other villagers.

That implies to his title as an evil genius.

He might not be that smart despite the title. As shown when he didn’t find the tracking device placed on his nose when anyone could.