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The Fugitive is an episode of The Crack, teased by Element on Twitter multiple times.[1][2][3] The release date is October 6th, 2017.

The video was teased on Twitter beginning on 14 April, 2017.

At the 1:57 mark, you can see three books named 'Encyclopedia Elementia'.


The video begins with Dan and Chrisi talking to a faster version of the normal 'The Crack! opening theme music, but they are quickly distracted by Jason and the two police officers, Spud and Clive, behind him. Spud asks them whether they have seen anyone who looks like the sketch he shows them. Dan quickly shows that Jason must therefore be the Fugitive, but Chrisi disagrees. Jason tries to escape by pretending that he has seen a Fugitive go to the left. Clive asks Spud to cuff Jason, but Jason realises that he can simply jump out, and does so. So Clive asks for Spud to tase Jason but Spud, having put out his weapon, argues that they do not have tasers. Understanding this, Clive asks for Spud to baton him a bit. Chrisi argues that this can be sorted out without anyone getting hurt.

But Jason put a fork into Spud's body, And the gang ran away. For a few seconds, Spud and Clive wonder what to do, but before they can make a decision, Spud suffocates. Clive starts to cry because Spud was 'His ride home'. Spud tells Clive to 'Catch the bus' as he dies. Clive cries a little bit more intel he saw the kitchen door open and says "This wills cause for some, POLICE BROTALITY!" As Moustache guy tire's a little bit.

Clive goes through the door looking for Jason And Says "Hey there fugitive's, Come out, Come out, Where ever you are" Which Jason responds "No!" As Clive says that all they have to do, is hand him over the fugitive, and they will be fine. and we see that the gang are hiding on top of a cobured upstairs. Dan askes Jason "why are we running if all he wants is you?" Jason responds that he's lying and that he will take them all. Chrisi says that police officers don't lie as they all laugh! Intel Clive teleports behind them saying "Ha-Ha, Ha-Ha, YOU'RE ALL UNDER AREST!!!"

So they all slide down the stair holders then onto the plant and landing on pink slippers. Jason tells them to go into the broken vent as they jump in it. Meanwhile, Clive is still on the stair holders and he falls. and claims that a steep decline is his only weakness. Meanwhile (Again), The gang fall into a room full of stuff that belong to Jason. As Jason explains that. But Clive arrives and the gang run away as Clive chases them.

They run through a lot more rooms, They run through a flashback room, A room with a wall game that I don't know what the name of, Also Chrisi got 100 points, Dan got 20, And Jason got 1, They fall through the tunnels And end up in a cheese room, Jason says not to touch anything, as they leave and Clive arrives at the cheese room, He tries to eat the cheese intel Jason screams at Clive saying "I SAID DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!"

They then go through a street fighter room. Dan stays there and a announcer says 'Ready?, Kerfuffle!' But Clive is in the background and said that he took the wrong turn and asked Dan if he could wait for him. as Clive goes away, But Dan just goes to the next room.

They then go through a space room, Dan & Chrisi go through the room on ground, But Jason flies by Saying "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, Oh Hey!, Sentra built!, WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" They then go though a Hollywood Room, Dan gets human legs that he is worried of, Chrisi gets human legs that she loves, And Jason gets dinosaur and everyone loves Jason with them, they go through a Mario pipe, and end up underwater, They then end up in the last room.

There are broccoli everywhere and they only say "Broccoli lol" and Jason is a god to them because he saved them in one of his adventures. They give the gang a ride to the other part of the room. Meanwhile (Yet again), Clive arrives at the broccoli who attack him, The gang arrive at the second part of the room but they have to run because the broccoli can't hold him for long, And they enter a maze.

Chrisi asked Jason if he knows the way out, But Jason doesn't!, Dan asks Jason why is there even a maze, Jason askes dan if he watched a movie called 'The maze', But all Dan says is "Yeah....", But Jason interrupts saying that he didn't see the movie and he asks Dan what is it about, But Clive brock out of those broccoli, The gang where stuck in the maze, Jason remembers the place they where in because they past it 10 minutes ago, But they fond a transparent party cup, Dan thinks it could be a good plot device.

Clive is in the maze and wondering if people could get lost in it, But he won't get lost because he watched 'The maze' Which He calls it a terrible movie. Meanwhile, The gang have found the middle of the maze, There was someone there. An indeterminate amount of time later, Clive finds the middle too, Be all he see's is just Chrisi, Clive asks her "Where are the others" Which Chrisi asks him to show the sketch from earlier, When Chrisi saw it, She told Clive that Jason isn't the fugitive, And the guy that the gang found was the real fugitive!

And he was trapped in the party cup, And Clive apologises to the gang for mistaking Jason for the fugitive, But Dan reminded him that Jason killed Spud. But Clive didn't mind. And Jason exploded into party particles, But Chrisi wonders how to get out of the maze. And the fugitive asked them all if any of them watched 'The maze'.

A very long time later, The gang where back in the kitchen, Chrisi tells everyone if they are done. Dan replies with "It does?, What About those random rooms we had to go through, What where those broccoli things, Why was there a maze, And most importantly, What do we do with him?". Jason Decides to eat spud, Ending the story.

Deleted Sence: The fugitive:" AGH! let me out! i'll cut you I will! i'll make your insides on the outside!" Chrisi:" Agh! let me out i'll cut you! i'll stub you I will!

Blooper 1: Clive:" AGH! AGH! DO I PULL IT. (CENSORED BLEEP) hahahaha

Blooper 2: Dan:" But Jason killed your friend! he's dead! we're probably going to eat him!

Blooper 3: Spud:" BECAUSE WE'RE POTATOS! AGH! AGH! EUGH! … was that?

Blooper 4: Clive:" Straight to prison! Sorry about the mishap! you're all FREETOGO!

Blooper 5: The fugitive:" Have any of you seen 'the maze'? ...the maaze. haha, have anyof seen 'the movie'?

Blooper 6: Announcer:" Ready?, Kerfuffle!" Clive:" HEY! I've taken a wrong turn! I've forgotten the line!"

Blooper 7: Jason:" WEEEEEEE! oh why did i...OLAY!"

Blooper 8: Clive:" EVERYONE DOWN ON THE GROUND!" Small broccoli:" Broc….li lol.... Broccoli lol.... Broccoli"

Blooper 9: Spud:" But we don't have tasers?" Clive:" Just baton him a bit, (French accent) Just, BATON him a bit!" Spud:" (Laughing)"

Blooper 10: Clive:" (French accent) I see! we need to baton him a little bit more you see!

End: Chrisi is in the classic loony tunes 'that's all folks' screen, and she says 'Well I guess that wraps everything up folks, Thanks for tuning in! Catch ya next time'