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"Zombie Eggs!" is an episode from season one of The Crack. It was released on December 1st, 2011.


  • Zombie egg
  • Vampire eggs
  • pig flyher
  • Jacob (egg)


The episode starts off with Jason bouncing towards Dan and warning him of incoming zombies. Dan questions their presence, but Jason interrupts him, stating that they've stolen his face. Dan retorts by saying that his face wasn't stolen, he just turned around. Then, they bounce to the side of the refrigerator and Dan opens a storage of weapons and cheese using the password "I want to kill Justin Bieber". The two fight the zombies, but only suceed in pushing them backwards and even inadvertently powering one of them up with cheese.

When all hope seems lost, Dan gets an idea. They both push the slow-moving zombies off the table, causing them to fall, shatter, and die. Unfortunately, right after, Jason notifies Dan of pale, white-eyed egg vampires. Dan notices another egg next to the vampires, perched upon a shirtless six-pack, claiming to be a werewolf named Jacob. Jason notices that it's daytime, and that the vampires should be on fire by now, but one of the vampires says that they don't combust, but rather, they glisten. Dan retorts this by saying that the kitchen has "Pre-Twilight" rules, and directs their attention to a sign reading "If you are a wimpy vampire, you will spontaneously combust. Also, if you are reading this, you have no life. Nanananananana waffles. That is all. Oh, please walk the dog."

All four vampires (Including Jacob, for some reason) are immediately set ablaze and soon burn up. After a few seconds of peace, Jason tells Dan that there are now ghosts in the kitchen. After that, Dan just stares at him in complete and utter absurdity.


The Crack: Zombie Eggs!/Transcript


  • This episode was shown in An introduction to Element Animation 2.

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