The Witch
The Witch in his true form.
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Alive (Yo soy el Rey de Mexico!)
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Witch 2

Villager form


The Witch in his true form

The Witch is a minor character in An Egg's Guide to Minecraft. He is the minion of The Great and Powerful One and possibly was first a villager but became a witch.

Personality Edit

For an unknown reason The Witch has a split personality; one with a personality of a villager and one other of a witch (a parody of Gollum.) When on his villager side he seems helpful to people but is usually interrupted by his other side who is a witch. His Witch side seems alert and has deep respect on the Great and Powerful One.


His only and known appearance is in "Yo soy el Rey de México!", when he finds Steve and Jason on whom he mistakes Steve for the Great and Powerful One and heals his broken arm with a potion. When Steve asks where the stronghold is The Witch tells him where it is though he gets suspicious due to him knowing that the Great and Powerful One knows where the stronghold is. Steve then realizes The Witch is mistaken and tells him that The Witch is not The Great and Powerful One. The Witch then realizes that Steve is what his master wants when Steve and Jason left for the stronghold. The Witch grabs his hat and summons The Great and Powerful One, but due to the statue of his master activating it causes an earthquake in which The Witch runs away as in normal form.