What's Minecraft? is the first episode of the YouTube series An Egg's Guide to Minecraft, a crossover between The Crack and the game Minecraft. The episode continues from the ending of The Crack episode We Weren't Hacked?, when Jason enters Minecraft.


The plot first starts with Jason roaming around the overworld, until he suddenly hears a voice in his mind that greets him to Minecraft. Jason's confused at first, but quickly runs off to a cow, then a pig, who calls him George. He takes him for a ride, but the voice warns Jason there are dangerous monsters in the night. Jason ignores him and runs into a cave. After hearing scary noises, he then decides he needs to build.


  • The song that plays throughout the episode is actually from the game itself titled Wet Hands.
  • This is the first series in Element Animation to not feature the main characters of The Crack except Jason.
  • The episode makes a cameo in Animation vs. YouTube.
  • This is the first ever Minecraft-themed video to appear on Element Animation's channel; prior to this, they were uploading Season 1 episodes of The Crack!.
  • Despite the fact that the prequel to this video is 'We Weren't Hacked?', that episode (the third and final in the Hacked Account Trilogy) was not uploaded until after this video was uploaded.